How To: Apartment-Friendly Gallery Wall

One year ago today I (tearfully) boarded a plane en route to what would become my all time favorite place, my home away from home…London, England.

Having recently settled back into STL, I wanted to share how I’m keeping those golden abroad moments apart of my everyday…

Here’s what you need to create your own gallery wall like the one I created!

  1. 9 Square frames (gold or simply spray painted gold) – I purchased mine at Michaels 
  2. 18 Command strips for picture hanging (9 pairs)
  3. 9 of your favorite photographs – I had my favorite photographs from my time abroad printed with Parabo Press (I highly recommend them – your first 25 square prints are free!)

Using a level and ruler, I measured approx. 1.5 inches between each frame (on top and on each side), then placed command strips on the top and bottom of the frame backside. Once you get your first frame placed in the center of your wall, it’s much easier to place the other frames around it! Make sure to take a step back every so often to double check your frames are straight and evenly spaced.

Editors Note: Command strips are truly a life saver. I have my frames hanging over my bed, and it was important to me that they would be securely attached to the wall…with two command strips you don’t have to worry about your frames falling on you or to the ground! Secure, invisible, and damage free…that’s what I’m talking about.

It’s amazing to walk into my room and be instantly transported back to my favorite moments in London, Rome, Venice, Paris, etc. Gallery walls have always seemed a bit intimidating to me, but with a few simple tools you can create them in any space – damage and headache free!

Show me your gallery wall by sharing on social…@mklately :)
x, Macey Kate