5 Ways to Make Your Mornings More Productive

Looking to make your mornings more productive? Take it from a girl who wakes up at 6:00am every day (read about that craziness here), you CAN do it and trust me, you can LOVE it.

Keep reading for my top 5 tips for making your mornings more productive

  1. Go to bed earlier. This is probably the most important tip when it comes to making your mornings more productive and pleasant. It’s best to get about 8 hours of sleep each night. This is difficult for a lot of us, myself included…with the crazy busy schedules we have during the day.

Think of it this way: if you plan to wake up at 7:00am, getting to bed at 11:00pm is a good goal.  Reasonable, too. Often times once we start burning midnight oil, our brains aren’t functioning at their best anyway. Save that work for the morning when you’re well rested and ready to be productive.

2. Have a to-do list prepared for the morning. What would you like to get done before     your regular day starts? Make a list of things to accomplish before heading off to class or work. This way, you’ll be ready to start checking things off the list right away rather than spend time compiling a list in the morning.

Hint: Whatever you don’t finish can be carried over to the next morning! To-do lists are seriously life savers, and if you use a pretty notebook/pad to make them, they’ll be your favorite part of morning productivity (maybe that’s just me? haha)

3. Wake up early. Hitting the snooze button can be the hardest habit to break, but the sooner you break the habit, the easier early rising will become for you. When your alarm goes off, hop out of bed and do something you associate with starting your day right away (like brushing your teeth or washing your face).

4. Find a spot to hone in on your productivity. If you’re like me, your bedroom or apartment isn’t always conducive to studying or being productive. Find a coffee shop, a spot in the library, or another place that you can go to and get started on your to-do list. If you go the coffee shop route, make sure they have morning hours that will work with your schedule!

Guess what? After returning to this spot several times, you’ll associate it with productivity and it will naturally help you to get in the mindset to get work done. Awesome.

5. Grab a coffee and/or turn on a productivity playlist. Sipping coffee while getting work done in the early morning always helps me stay focused and awake. Another thing I like to do is switch on a Spotify playlist of acoustic/more laid back songs that aren’t distracting but still help keep me inspired. A great one to follow is “Acoustic Pop Songs/Love Songs” (Songs I’d like to listen to anyway, just slowed down to less distracting pace!)

Good luck! I’d love to hear your productivity tips…share them with me on Twitter @mklatey! xx