I first came across #ProjectGoodness when a friend of mine, Sierra, shared her newfound love for the mission on social media. Intrigued, I clicked around to find out more. As I came across Yoga Margo’s story, I really fell in love with the beautiful mindset of positivity that #ProjectGoodness is rooted in. I did some reading, reached out to Yoga Margo, and began thinking of ways share #ProjectGoodness with you.

To me, Project Goodness isn’t just about opening your eyes to the goodness around you – while this is encouraged 100%. It’s also about sharing goodness, being goodness for others. I think this is what I love most about the project.

If you’re not sure how to get started, take a second to answer the question: what is goodness to you? To me, goodness is a hour long phone call with your best friend after a long day. Goodness is a crisp, white swing dress. It’s a random peace-sign pose taken in the middle of a blog photography session (see below…)

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Goodness is definitely freshly baked cinnamon rolls…

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It is so easy to get wrapped up in the negativity of your day, week, or even year. Project Goodness helps remind us to maintain positive attitudes in the midst of tough times…the best part? We don’t have to do it alone!

First things first, stand up tall and open your eyes to the beauty surrounding you. Practice yoga, savor your morning cup of tea, smile at a handsome stranger. Opening yourself up to positivity is simple, and can be done in the tiniest of steps.

One thing I have found helps me keep a positive attitude is texting my best friend whenever I encounter a little bit of #goodness. Sometimes these messages are long winded, sharing big, wonderful moments. But most often, though, they detail little things, like, “the line at Starbucks was soooo short this morning! #goodness.”

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I really love the idea of sharing a little bit of #ProjectGoodness on MK Lately regularly. Stop by MK Lately for weekend posts in the near future that will document my personal #ProjectGoodness…and (please please please) feel free to share your own #goodness below in the comments or on your personal social media(s)!

My planner…via Kate Spade (now on sale!)
My dress…via Zara 

You all make up so much of the #goodness I experience everyday…so thank you! x!