Your New Go-To Lip Balm

For years I have bought, used, tossed, and lost thousands of lip balms. From the iconic Chapstick brand to new-to-the-market EOS and everything in between…I’ve always been open to trying the latest and greatest. However, I am here to report that I have found the ultimate lip balm…

I have never used one single lip balm that is altogether ultra-moisturizing, beautifully shimmery-sheer, and free of any chemical taste or smell!

What is this resplendent product?? Baby Lips Dr. Rescue #55 Coral Crave by Maybelline NY. The price? $4!!!

The Baby Lips line offers several colors/flavors (and I have tried a few) but none compare to Dr. Rescue #55 Coral Crave. Like I said…perfectly shimmery, natural, long-lasting…amazing. I keep a tube in my purse, backpack, and coat pocket. It’s that good.


To be Noted (for NATURAL BEAUTY LOVERS): Over the past several months, I have become extremely cautious when it comes to the products I put on my skin. While the majority of my skincare and makeup products are now all natural and/or organic, (I have a huge post coming on the topic of all natural beauty that will be co-written with my favorite go-to girl!) I refuse to sacrifice function – AKA products that work beautifully and effortlessly time and time again. Luckily, there are so many amazing natural and organic products out there that this is seldom an issue.

I am disappointed to report that Baby Lips products are not 100% natural or organic. If you’re like me and take all natural beauty seriously…I would encourage you to check out the following website: The EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is a website where you can plug in nearly any beauty product you have at home or find in the stores and find out about the ingredients they contain / how harmful they may be to you.

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue products are rated a 3 on the EWG scale of 1-10. While not harm free, the ingredients in these lip balms are far less harmful than some other popular lip balms on the market today. One reason the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue products have a higher rating than 1 on the scale is due to the presence of petroleum in the formula. It is likely included in the Dr. Rescue formulas to lock in moisture, something petroleum is often utilized for in cosmetics.

This lip balm is one of the only products I use that is not all natural and/or organic. I love it that much. The decision to use it is yours, but coming from someone who is very strict with what goes on her skin, I would say my recommendation of this product is gilded.