Snap, crackle…pot of gold!

Anyone else head over heels for occasion themed baking?! You can bet that when a special event or holiday rolls around, Maralena and I will be at the store brainstorming the perfect treat to whip up.

PSA: St. Patrick’s Day is this coming week and we have the PERFECT baking project that is both simple and super sweet…

Lucky (ha) for us, Maralena came across the most magical recipe for charmed rice krispy treats via one of our favorite bloggers…Lovely Indeed. Check out her original recipe + beautiful photos here, and stick around for our tips and tweaks to the recipe below! IMG_0006

You’ll need:
– A big, microwavable safe bowl for mixing!
– Several small bowls to separate the Lucky Charms marshmallows
– A 9 x 13′ glass baking pan or tray
– 3 tbsp of butter
– 3 cups of mini marshmallows
– All of the marshmallows separated out of 1 large box of Lucky Charms
– 1 box of Rice Krispies (Lovely Indeed uses the Lucky Charms cereal, but we decided to stick to making original Rice Krispies)


We LOVED that Lovely Indeed recommended using the microwave to melt your mini marshmallows. In the past, we had only made Rice Krispie Treats using a stovetop and this time we found that the process was SO much faster + easier from prep to clean up. PLEASE try this…you won’t regret it!


^Almost too pretty to eat!



^ I think these would be so pretty displayed on the table for St. Patrick’s Day with a bit of green sparkly confetti and fun little pots of “gold” (maybe mini reeces cups?!)