Bottle Service at V. Picasso







Brunching as of my 21st birthday has included a glass of sparkly or two…and this week, as I got together with my other half – Maralena – we decided to treat ourselves to beautiful bottle service at V. Picasso.

I must apologize to my STL readers, as V. Picasso is located in my hometown of Champaign, IL. But if you’re as avid a bruncher as myself, the trip may well be worth the drive.

V. Picasso is the type of restaurant where you won’t find salt and pepper on the table. Peculiar at first, maybe…but trust me, you won’t miss any of the add-ons, because each bite is perfectly prepared and seasoned.

Maralena and I enjoyed their Weekend Brunch this past Sunday – and it was scrumptious. Their menu is simple and sweet, but don’t be fooled: you will wish for a fork-full of everything available. From the classic “v. breakfast” (complete with eggs your way and beautifully browned biscuits) to the “bourbon glazed french toast,” making a decision may be more difficult than you anticipated.

Whether you arrive for Weekend Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner, or a glass of wine at the Wine Bar, V. Picasso will stun your senses from sight to taste. Their beautiful ambiance is next to none, and menu selections are as beautiful as they are delicious.

I have my sights set on an evening at the wine bar before I head back to STL next week.