Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition, London


IMG_0017Louis Vuitton; a dream.

Attending the Series 3 Exhibition while in London left me speechless. As I  wandered from room to room, the essence of the iconic designer shone through the designs in a way I hadn’t quite realized before. His life and work presented together in such a masterful, detailed, and sophisticated way was breathtaking. Simply being exposed to the craftsmanship, the process, the design, and the display allowed me to adopt a deeper love for the brand I have admired for as long as I can remember.




I incorporated Louis Vuitton into my outfit with a vintage silk scarf
//  as seen above //

I was so thankful to have had LV as a part of my very first London Fashion Week experience, and it was so exciting to share a bit of the exhilarating experience with all of you on snapchat (seems like that was so long ago!) If only I could have been clever enough to bring stickers from the ‘sticker room’ for all of  you!

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More to come from MHK in STL in the new year. Happy 2016! xx