A Lunch Break at Borough Market


An afternoon of exploring London requires stopping for lunch…but why stop exploring to eat?

Borough Market…an adventure land of British culture and eats. My kind of lunch spot!


As you approach the market, prepare for your senses to be immeadiatly tempted by the delightful sights and smells. If you thought you’d tried authentic London street food before visiting Borough…you’re in for a (pleasant) surprise!

My first thoughts upon weaving through the first of the market aisles were as follows…

1. *heart-eyes emoji* BREADDDDD! *heart-eyes emoji*
2. It’s so…colorful!!!!
3. This is the first time since arriving in London that I might actually prefer to buy fresh fruits/vegtables rather shop at Primark/M&S/the like (this thought was temporary, but compelling nonetheless!)

I was fairly bundled up, as it was a brisk day; my plaid scarf, loafers, favorite sweater, and crossbody bag were perfect for browsing and buying throughout the afternoon. This scarf is a classic fall piece in my wardrobe (last seen on the blog here), and I loved how it coordiated with the little British flags found throughout the market (check out the strawberry box in the picture above!)


How beautiful are those vegtables? There were rows and rows…buckets and buckets of them!

I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of the cheese selection available the day we visited. It was truly remarkable. I couldn’t help but imagine a beautiful tablescape set for an afternoon of wine & cheese. Add in a couple of those lavender bunches for decoration? Perfection.

With all the bread, wine, and cheese surrounding us, one could say we got a little carried away with the happy hour jokes…



After walking around and surveying all of our options…we finally settled on our choices for lunch! For me…lobster tortellini (cue the *heart eyes emoji* again!)


Not only does David have the most clever (however cheese-y) pick-up lines ready at the drop of a hat…he also has great taste when it comes time for lunch at the market…

He went with the burger…our words to describe the burger experience? Venician, large and in charge, and oh-so-filling. I’d say the picture gives you an idea of just how monstrously delicoious it was!

I’m sure we’ll be visiting The Borough Market again soon! I can’t wait.

For my London friends wanting to visit Borough Market: Hop on the Jubilee Line and hop off at the London Bridge stop.

For friends at home…stay tuned for more pictures & check out your local farmer’s market before it gets too cold!

PS: Anything specific you’d like to see on MHK in STL during my time in London/UK/Europe?! Are these your stomping grounds? Let me know! I’d love any advice.

xo, MK