An Afternoon in Notting Hill

From the very onset of my London-fever – a thrilling bug I must have caught around the time my application to Regent’s University was returned to me with word of acceptance – Notting Hill was a neighborhood I was keen on visiting.

I have always been inspired by the pastel homes standing shoulder to shoulder, and jumped at the chance to take the tube only a few stops over last Saturday afternoon.IMG_0001_2Before heading over, we stopped for a quick bite. Despite my new-found admiration for the classic British ‘cuppa’ –  brought on, I believe, by my effort to expand my tea taste in anticipation of traveling & the ever-so-stylish women drinking them in cafes around here –  I opted for an expertly brewed latte on this particular morning.

Pictured below: Mid-morning spread at Bill’s Cafe on Baker Street // A slice of lemon cake, berry scones accompanied by cornish clotted cream and jam, café mocha, café latte

IMG_0002What, my friends, is exploring London without the fashion?

It is my belief that getting dressed in the morning – be it for neighborhood hopping, market exploring, shopping at Harrod’s, or even attending class – is exponentially more fun when you let your surroundings inspire you. Being in London has refreshed the task of inspired dressing for me; it’s quite possibly my favorite part of the day!

(Those back in St. Louis might read this and question how ‘inspired’ I dress for SLU classes…let’s just say I intend to return to the States thoroughly inspired, promise!)

But truly, I adore outfitting myself for London and what her days have in store for me.
IMG_7862My look for an afternoon in Notting Hill features two of my favorite pieces: a black pleated skirt at tea-length + a black and white collared shirt.

As seen in the image above and the one at the very top of this post.
IMG_7893The perfect ensemble for taking a look around.

IMG_7917While enchanted by each candy-colored home we passed by, I particularly loved the many shades of pink. I imagine the people living in these pink homes have their windows open to the sounds of London, fresh flowers on the table, a pot of tea on at all times. Sounds like a marvelous way to live to me!

(I posed between two lions to get the shot above!)



IMG_0011What’s a trip to a new part of London without a stop for a mid-afternoon treat? Gelato Mio offered decadent flavors, free wifi, and a place to rest our feet.


IMG_7881Florals, florals, everywhere! Even in September!




On our way out of Notting Hill we vowed to come back for another visit soon. (If only we could have taken this old-time yellow car back to our University!)

xo, MK