How A Chambray Shirt Cured My Wardrobe Blues

IMG_6777Latley I’ve been felt like the same few pieces have been on roation in my closet. I’m worried my co-workers are thinking, “hmm…I think she’s worn that top three times this week!” Okay, that might be a bit dramatic but it’s never fun to feel like your closet desperatley needs a refresh. This chambray button up is an every day favorite, but wearing it the same way literally every day? I don’t think so!

With London on the horizon, keeping my eyes on Fall clothing (to wear as I tour the city and take photos with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey!) is more of a priority over buying summer pieces that will stay behind in my closet as I travel. The dilemma? How can I switch up my looks without adding new pieces to the rotation? 

Sometimes, this is quite the feat. I’ve had to get clever, tricky, even borderline crazy with my mixing and matching. Alas, there’s always a few pieces, like a classic chambray shirt, that can really spruce up even the most exausted wardrobe. Best part? Almost all of us have one in our closets already…as well as several pieces perfect for creating new, refreshing looks. Let’s take a look at how far a little chambray can go…

L O O K  # 1 :
Twist and Shout + a Skirt (Just like shown in the images above!) 

L O O K  # 2 :
Double da Denim – Hint: Always go with a light chambray to compliment darker wash jeans or the other way around. Throw on a pair of white jeans? You’ve got it down, sister.

Other ways to wear a chambray shirt?
Tie it around your waist! Layer it under a blazer. Throw it on over your favorite swimsuit. Layer it over a striped tee. The list goes on and on!

Have a favorite way to maxamize the versatility of a closet staple? I’d love to hear about it!

Pull the pieces to create these looks right out of your closet or shop ’em here!
Chambray shirts: Light Wash // Medium Wash // Dark Wash
Striped skirts: Longer // Shorter (both so cute)
Denim: Dark Wash // White Wash (both by one of my fave brands, Paige)

xo, MK

Photography done for MHK in STL by @beautybymally – Many thanks!