Jeune Et Belle Weekend Style

IMG_6905MHK in STL is BACK!

I’ve missed this, oh my gosh. I’m so happy to finally share this post because it’s one of my favorites to date. If you’ve been following along with me via Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any other outlet…you’ve probably noticed that I’m gearing up for a big European adventure (t-minus 2 months!) and I think it’s safe to say that my shopping habits are reflecting my excitement. I’ve been scooping up nearly every travel guide book I can get my hands on (I’m thinking I’ll have to do a round-up of the best ones post sometime soon) and I have a new love for graphic tees with pretty foreign phrases. Thanks to my darling friend, Laura, I’ve been picking up a bit of French, which is where this tee comes in. I’m sure she’d be proud to see me practicing my French (and wearing it, too!)

Juene Et Belle = Young and Beautiful
Something to aspire to, for sure, and a little ode to my girl Daisy Buchanan.

xo, MK
PS: Soooo many fab things to come, stay tuned! xx

Photos taken for MHK in STL by @beautybymally