Festival Wear (Gone Pretty!)

If your social media feeds are anything like mine, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that
F E S T I V A L  S E A S O N
is upon us.
With Coachella in full force, the tiniest of cropped tops, fringe-adorned garmets and metallic flash tattoos are flying off the racks. It’s like country music video attire meets grunge-galore out there…and I’ve gotta say, while I adore how music festivals have become the latest it-fashion venues…
I can’t say I, personally, have fallen for the trend of the moment: festival wear.

 So, I’ve put together a collection of ‘festival wear’ gone pretty.
Yes’mam…we’re talking ruffles, pale pinks, dainty jewelery and not even a hint of grunge-gone-wrong. I promise, you can still achieve a Coachella-worthy look by chosing pieces that highlight your own personal style.

Shop my pretty festival picks below..xx