Feeling ALIVE & Excited to Share Big News!


“All alone, just the beat inside my soul
Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold
In the zone where the beat is un-controlled.
I know what it feels like
Come on make me feel ALIVE!”

Okay, enough with the Krewella lyrics

Don’t worry, l plagued you all with the lame Krewella references for a reason. Guess who just landed her dream internship? THIS GIRL! At ALIVE Magazine!

I am so happy to share that I will be signing on as a digital media intern at ALIVE Magazine! I’ll be working on digital content, blogging, fashion, editorial, and social media – all the things I love – all with the amazing team of one of my favorite fashion and lifestyle magazines (pinch me!) I am so looking forward to the experience I will gain, the people I will meet, and all of the opportunities to fall in love with the wonderful city of St. Louis and all that it has to offer.

Want a taste of what ALIVE is all about? Peruse the website here.
PS: It’s not too late to get the most out of the January issue! Click here to view the digital copy…and be on the look out for ALIVE’s February issue on magazine stands around SLU and the city!

Thank you for always letting me spew my excitement all over this site, and as always, for following along with me and my adventures!

Many Xs and Os, MK