Christmas Packages: The 12 Days + Classic Plaid



Wrapping Christmas packages has always been my most favorite task around the holidays. There’s just something about a perfectly wrapped present – it almost makes what’s inside a little bit better!

This year I got everything I needed to make my packages pretty from Homegoods. While we don’t have one at home, I swung by the local store in St. Louis and found the gorgeous ’12 days of Christmas’ paper, the classic plaid paper, and a spool of luxurious velvet ribbon. I love the way the rich maroon of the ribbon pairs with both papers and brings them together. I can’t wait to stick these pretties under the tree and hand them out Christmas morning!

The 12 days of Christmas has turned out to be a theme for me this year. I found a set of darling ’12 days of Christmas’ gift bags (also at Homegoods!) and found presents for each day to give to David. He is currently on his 5th day – It’s soo much fun to pass presents along to him each day leading up to Christmas.

Have you picked a theme for your holiday season this year? Please share, I’d love to hear about it or see a few snaps of your packages!

xo, MK