Making the Holiday Sparkle

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When the holiday season rolls around, so much fun holiday inspiration comes with it. While I don’t have a home to decorate – and my dorm room is a little bit too cramped for my ideal decor –  I still try to bring in a little bit of sparkle. This year, I’m starting by writing out personalized notes on darlingly festive stationary. I found these notes at a local store in STL, and just had to share them with you all. There are a bunch of other cute options here, here, and here!

While I don’t always have the capacity for decorating, I have plenty of time (and space in my makeup bag) for dozens of holiday lip colors. I usually stick to a more natural look on my lips, but the holiday season is the perfect time to pull out the deeper pinks and reds. I’ve always been a fan of these crank-able Stila lip glosses. They go on super smooth and stay shiny all night long, and make for the perfect gift!

Aside from holiday notes and lip colors, I always pick up a new book or two and pull out my favorite ones from years past. This year, I was given trEATs. It has the most amazing recipes for get-togethers and parties. I couldn’t help pulling out my trusty old Occasions book by Kate Spade. I turn to it for my every holiday need, be it the proper way to set a holiday table or even dress lengths for festive celebrations.

All of these things (and a little custom confetti, of course!) have me so excited for the upcoming holiday. How do you put a little extra sparkle in your holiday season?
xo, MK