MHK in SF: Part II // Touring Berkeley

While days being in the city, hanging out with family, and relaxing at the hotel were so much fun, David and I were so excited to have our last day in California all to ourselves. Thanks to David’s Uncle John’s suggestion, we ended up taking the BART to Downtown Berkeley – the UCA Campus. Initially, we were simply exciting to be on our own, exploring a new area, but we soon fell in love with Berkeley. I think you’ll understand why!

You know I can’t resist pretty blooms!
David’s dad attended Berkley after his years as an undergraduate and had a few places for us to add to our list of must-sees. We didn’t stop in for a hot dog, but how cute is Top Dog hot dog shop? It’s been there forever…those lucky Berkeley students!
IMG_6607 IMG_6603 IMG_6609
All of our walking cued a mandatory cupcake stop. Being the gentleman he is, David found a quirky yet cute gluten-free bake shop, Cakes and Purls, and we sat down for Vanilla and Salted Caramel cupcakes. Sooo good.
IMG_0045 IMG_6614 IMG_6615
One of my favorite aspects of visiting campus and the Berkeley area was all the history that had taken place on the very streets we walked. Starting down Telegraph Ave, we saw everything from new additions to the area as well as old classics…among our favorites were Rasputin Music, Yogurt Park (snicker doodle frozen yogurt…yep, you read that right !!), and almost everything down Durant Street. Cute new spots included Crepes-A-Go-Go (David was excited to find his favorite breakfast food), The Sunny Side Cafe, and Cupcakin’ Bake Shop. Talk about a taste of the 60s with a little modern flair.
IMG_6618 IMG_6620 IMG_6622 IMG_6624 IMG_6625
Oldies but goodies? I’d say so.
IMG_6630 IMG_6605IMG_0052

After a few hours  walking up and down campus and the surrounding area, we hopped in a cab and headed toward the water – to 4th street. I might be a little bias, but this upscale shopping district had me wide-eyed while David took anchor on a couch in Anthropologie (lol!) All in all, I will always look back on our little day in Berkeley and smile. We even flew home in matching Cal sweatshirts…we couldn’t even help it. Spending time with David, exploring a new place, and a little bit of fabulous history (oh, and shopping!) will always make up my favorite days.

That’s all for my SanFran/California pictures, thanks for letting me share! See you Wednesday! xo, MK