Hair Inspiration: ‘It-Brit’ Kate Middleton

We all know her, love her…and totally covet her gorgeous locks (do they have to look perfect all the time!?) Yep, I’m talking about Kate Middleton. From style to poise she is my go-to-girl for inspiration and her amazing hair is no exception. Whether it’s up, down, breezy, or blown out…it seems she can do no wrong. While we may not be able to channel her pricey lifestyle (or hair stylist…I really need to get my hands on his contact info!), taking inspiration from her hairstyles is easier than you might think.
Love these loose curls? Grab a wand and curl medium sized sections of your hair. Brush out for a more relaxed, I-woke-up-like-this look.
Achieve this look by pulling your hair back into a simple pony, spritzing on hairspray, and tucking fly-aways in with bobby pins. Best thing about this look is it can take you from work to play. I especially love how she paired her pony with a structured blazer-style jacket.
If you’re hair is naturally curly, you can channel a little Kate Middleton by taming your curls with a frizz eliminating serum and letting them fall naturally (I wish I had the guts to wear my hair curly more often!)
Finally, for a more formal occasion, style your hair half-up, half-down. I just love how Kate’s ends are curled so perfectly. Run your wand or traditional curling iron through the bottom half of your hair before pulling it up and skip on the hairspray; this way you’ll get pretty loose curls that fall low and beautiful.

I’ll be taking a little Kate Middleton hair inspiration with me to San Francisco, for sure. I’m heading there tomorrow and (might) be a little sparse when it comes to posting…but I’ll do my best! Enjoy your hump day and when in doubt, give your everyday hair style a royal flair thanks to our favorite princess and hair guru, Kate.
xo, MK

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